"Patience is a virtue. Learning is unending".
"Patience is virtue, learning is not over"

Hello! I am Bell, 28 years old. The university has a bachelor's degree in economics management and a secondary degree in the field of special education, and I am still studying to obtain a degree in professional education now. I've been teaching English to many Japanese, Korean and Russian people for years. From that experience, I try to offer lessons that meet the needs and needs of each student who has different reasons for learning English and advanced matters. Now, do not you enjoy learning English with me!

Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Graduate

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I have been engaged in education with passion for many years. English literary poetry, stories, etc.), and there is also deep knowledge in grammar. Of course I also love conversation. Outside of work, outdoor fun enjoying walking and jogging with family, love animals. Travel is also my hobby and I just recently went around the Philippines. It is fun to get to know people from other cultures. As a professional English teacher, and a life-experienced one, I am looking forward to the lessons with you.
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I am Maria Alethea Dimpas, 29 years old from Mandaue City, Cebu. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in English Language. I also took up Diploma in Professional Education. I have passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) last March 2016. I have worked as a Customer Service Representative in the BPO industry for 5 years where we provide customer service for North Americans, and it had helped me improve my English Communication skills .Currently, I am employed as an English teacher for Junior High School in a Catholic school. I go by the saying: "By doing what you LOVE, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others," because I was a witness on how the teachers were devoted to help us learn, and that inspired and awaken my heart to share that knowledge and made me decide to be a Teacher. I hope I would be able to move lives the same way it had moved mine.


Hello, I am called lean. I have been teaching English for 6 years now. The subjects range from young students to people of society, especially grammar and English conversation lessons. I am trying to make it possible for all the students to have fun learning English. I think English learning takes time and effort for both lecturers and students. Because precious precious time is spent, why do not you learn with me efficiently and happily?
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Hi! This is Teacher Germai, I graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Technology and Home Economics .I have been teaching for 4 years at La Consolacion- Liloan handling TLE and Values Education.
I am friendly and outgoing person. Let me be your English instructor. I can guarantee to make our class enjoyable because learning a new language is fun. I will make the time you spend with me worth your while. Our sessions will be wonderful and interactive.
So what are you waiting for! Come and join me in my class…


Hi! My name is teacher Gladys. I graduated Bachelor of Arts major in English. I

ve been teaching English
for 11 years and the feeling is fulfilling because I have been able to im
part my knowledge and help the
students need to speak English by giving then courage and confidence to
communicate. I have taught
English for different nationalities namely; Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, I
ranian and Indian so I
know how to deal with them. Learning English is fun as long as you are wil
ling to give your effort and
you have determination in your studies. So come and join with me an
d lets work together for your
English communication skills.


Hello! Irene is an English teacher I love to teach. I enjoy myself, learning and I am delighted to share my knowledge with you. I have visited many countries including Japan and I have taught English to people in Asian countries. It is my strong point that anyone can quickly find a way to promise a fun lesson that matches your needs, such as basic English, business English, grammar and sentence structure, vocabulary and correct pronunciation. My exciting feelings when teaching English are conveyed to you, and the lesson should surely proceed in a relaxed mood.

As a Spanish instructor, you can also have Spanish lessons in English (Beginner level only).
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Hello, my name is Lin. I graduated in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I am an N4 passer for Japanese language proficiency test. Just like learning Japanese language, it is challenging yet fun, the same with learning English. It is quite a big challenge. Learning English is unending specially in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I have travelled Japan and Singapore respectively. My hobbies are reading books, watching movies especially Japanese movies, watching anime’s, national geographic and discovery channel. I love cooking and travelling. Let’s learn English together and enjoy English today.


Hello students! This is Teacher Rael. I am a Registered Nurse and a License Professional Teacher Major in Biological Science. I have been teaching for almost 4 years now. I am handling both high school and college students. I am a very approachable person and a jolly teacher as well. Learning English Language is fun and exciting that is why if you enroll into my class, I will make sure that you will have an enjoyable learning experience worth your while. I am looking forward to having you all in my class. Have a great day!

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